Pernuma Perfoset E/P
Varenummer: 94-PERFOSET E/P
DKK 48.625,00 / Stk
DKK 38.900,00 ekskl. moms
Prægpres med tekst op til 70 mm i Diameter

Mere information

  • Embossing up to 70 mm in diameter.
    PERFOSET E/P is a very robust, electrical embossing machine for office use.Stamp diameter can be up to 75 mm.The embossing is released by pressing a push button on the side of the machine.
    For securing official documents or photographs in passports, also for embossing certificates, sheets of writing paper, business cards, etc. without applyingany physical force. Our electric embossing machines were designed for satisfying high demands. Even in more solid materials like cardboard or pasteboard and with bigger embossing stamps you will easily obtain needle-sharp impressions.The insertion depth is approx. 105 mm from the paper edge to the center of  the impression. In order to enable exact positioning of every imprinton its corresponding forms, the machines are by production line supplied with adjustable stops for side and depth. The upper stamp is engraved in brass or steel. The lower stamp is made of plastic.
    der kan tilkøbes en fodpedal til automatisk prægning.
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